Meet Our Suppliers

Where possible we believe in using the freshest, most local ingredients to us. Supporting smaller, family run businesses.

Below are a few of our selected suppliers that we feel meet our standards and philosophy.

Each week we are continuing to grow and find new suppliers to help us on our journey to provide simple catering at its finest.

Ruby & White is a young, motivated and passionate wholesale butchery team, specialising in the production and supply of the West Country's finest produce to hotels, restaurants, pubs and event companies. Working directly with a wide range of farmers and abattoirs, they have built and established a strong relationship with the best producers in the West Country. 

Wing of St. Mawes operates from a 550 square metre state-of-the-art premises in the middle of Cornwall in the UK. The company, with over 30 years’ experience, has earned an enviable reputation as a leading wholesale supplier of top grade fresh fish and shellfish, providing great value for money and top quality service. We are passionate about sustainable sourcing and delivering the very best seafood from Cornwall to the finest restaurants in the UK.

It's in the heart of the beautiful Somerset Levels, in the South-west of England that, since 2012, our team has been creating and churning the Granny Gothard Sorbets. As artisan ice cream makers, we believe in adding nothing artificial and using only the very finest natural ingredients to make our amazing ices.

Quality and creativity are our driving forces to bring you our multi award winning products and as the Company goes from strength to strength, we continue to make our ices in the same traditional way but on a larger scale. 

Amanda Stansfield, Owner

Eades Green Grocers

Tucked away behind the Royal Crescent on Crescent Lane, the family-run shop is one of just a handful of greengrocers left in the Bath area.

They have been feeding the people of Bath for five generations, and now the Eades family are supplying produce for the city's top restaurants and us!

La Chasses.jpg

All the products have been grown on a natural soil base, benefiting from nutrients that are present throughout the growing stages and therefore extending the shelf life. Biological controls are used throughout the growing process to keep the crops clean and pest free.


Our Family

We have a small family-based team of employees. In fact, there are three couples that work in the business!

The farm and ice cream team work together throughout the year. It’s not unusual for admin staff to be seen herding chickens or stray calves, or tractor drivers delivering ice cream (they do get changed first!).


Hi, I'm Andy...

...and here are a few things you might like to know about me and my single cold pressed extra virgin oil.

My family have been farming here in Somerset for generations and I’m a passionate hands on farmer, one who believes in the value of good British food which is why I decided to set up the Fussels Fine Food Company in 2005. Now I can share the fruits of my labour directly with you.

I believe in the joys and benefits of high quality simple food ingredients, the positive benefits of sustainable farming, and in helping people to connect with them, which is why I created my single cold pressed extra virgin oil. From sowing to cold pressing and bottling, I oversee everything here on the farm.

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